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WILDER's Residing in Vermont

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WILDER's Residing in Vermont 1850

Surname Given Name County Page Township Comments
WILDER Aaron Windham 76 Guilford
WILDER Abel Orleans 169 Derby
WILDER Abel Addison 8 Bridport
WILDER Abigail Rutland 328 Wallingford
WILDER Adah H. Lamoille 96 Cambridge
WILDER Adeline Windsor 430 Plymouth
WILDER Adin S. Windham 228 Wilmington
WILDER Anson L. Windham 227 Wilmington
WILDER Artemus W. Jr. Washington 177 Montpelier
WILDER Artemus W. Washington 171 Montpelier
WILDER Asa Orange 250 Brookfield
WILDER Asahel Windsor 271 Ludlow
WILDER Aurilla Washington 238 Woodbury
WILDER Benjamin Windsor 431 Plymouth
WILDER Benjamin Windsor 282 Hartland
WILDER Calvin Windsor 426 Plymouth
WILDER Cephas Windsor 427 Plymouth
WILDER Charles Windsor 371 Windsor
WILDER Charles Orleans 184 Derby
WILDER Charles K. Orange 260 Brookfield
WILDER Clarisia Windsor 183 Bethel
WILDER Dan Windham 197 Dummerston
WILDER Daniel P. Windsor 442 Reading
WILDER Ebenezer Windsor 421 Plymouth
WILDER Edward Windsor 269 Ludlow
WILDER Elizabeth Windham 296 Londonderry
WILDER Enos Orange 250 Brookfield
WILDER Francis Lamoille 166 Morristown
WILDER George Windham 229 Wilmington
WILDER George Chittenden 39 Jericho
WILDER Hannah Bennington 34 Winhall
WILDER Hannah Bennington 34 Winhall
WILDER Harmon V. Windsor 64 Woodstock
WILDER Harriet Addison 166 Middlebury
WILDER Harry Chittenden 39 Jericho
WILDER Ithamer C. Windham 200 Dummerston
WILDER Ivers Rutland 327 Wallingford
WILDER James Bennington 110 Sandgate
WILDER James Windham 263 Jamaica
WILDER James Bennington 110 Sandgate
WILDER Jason Windham 201 Dummerston
WILDER Jerod Washington 1 Waitsfield
WILDER John Windham 238 Wilmington
WILDER John Windham 340 Rockingham
WILDER John Windham 76 Guilford
WILDER John Windsor 225 Weston
WILDER Jonas Chittenden 236 Colchester
WILDER Jonas S. Windsor 429 Plymouth
WILDER Jonathan Windham 263 Jamaica
WILDER Jonathan F. Orange 262 Brookfield
WILDER Josiah Windsor 427 Plymouth
WILDER Josiah S. Windsor 269 Ludlow
WILDER Joshua Bennington 126 Manchester
WILDER Joshua Bennington 126 Manchester
WILDER Leonard Rutland 165 Sudbury
WILDER Leroy Windham 197 Dummerston
WILDER Levi Washington 1 Waitsfield
WILDER Levi Windsor 46 Sharon
WILDER Levi Caledonia 171 Lyndon
WILDER Levi F. Windsor 431 Plymouth
WILDER Lewan Windham 346 Rockingham
WILDER Mariam E. Addison 259 Panton
WILDER Mary Bennington 50 Arlington
WILDER Mary Bennington 50 Arlington
WILDER Mary C. Windsor 271 Ludlow
WILDER Merril Windham 349 Rockingham
WILDER Nancy Rutland 105 Brandon
WILDER Nancy Windham 229 Wilmington
WILDER Nathaniel Bennington 34 Winhall
WILDER Nathaniel Bennington 34 Winhall
WILDER Newell A. Windham 260 Jamaica
WILDER Oscar C. Washington 174 Montpelier
WILDER Otis D. Essex 387 Lunenburgh
WILDER Rachel Windham 76 Guilford
WILDER Ransom E. Franklin 289 Sheldon
WILDER Sally Windham 248 Jamaica
WILDER Sally Windsor 182 Bethel
WILDER Samuel N. Windham 255 Jamaica
WILDER Sarah Bennington 27 Sunderland
WILDER Sarah Bennington 27 Sunderland
WILDER Seth Windsor 421 Plymouth
WILDER Silas H. Caledonia 171 Lyndon
WILDER Solomon D. Windsor 426 Plymouth
WILDER Spencer Windsor 269 Ludlow
WILDER Submit Franklin 199 Berkshire
WILDER Sumner Lamoille 126 Walcott
WILDER William Windham 314 Grafton
WILDER William Windham 227 Wilmington
WILDER Willis Addison 165 Middlebury


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