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The WILDER RootsWeb Mailing Lists Guidelines

1. Be Polite! Rudeness is intolerable -- even amongst family members.


Respect the Privacy of the Living. Do not post records, lineages, addresses, or phone numbers of the living unless you have permission. (Except for Obituaries and Death Certificates.)


We ask that you post all your WILDER and WILDER-Associated Records to any one of our WILDER RootsWeb Mailing Lists rather than sending private e-mails to selected list members. This makes them available to all WILDER Researchers. Always use a "Reply All" when responding, unless your reply is of a personal nature.


We ask that, when posting to any of the WILDER RootsWeb Mailing Lists, you post your Sources in addition to your WILDER Ancestors and your WILDER-Associated Lines -- even if your source is only "Another Researcher said so." Our Goal is to Document Our WILDER's, therefore All Sources are Important.


When posting a message to any of the WILDER RootsWeb Mailing Lists, include the State and County, Given Name and Surname in your Subject Heading to ensure that your posting doesn't "get lost."


Please do not e-mail File Attachments to any of the WILDER RootsWeb Mailing Lists. Some subscribers utilize services that Do NOT allow File Attachments and can cause them severe problems. Note: If you have files, such as gedcoms, graphics, word processing, etc., for the WILDER Research Project please e-mail the WILDER Research Project Coordinator for assistance.


Please do not post to multiple RootsWeb Mailing Lists with one e-mail. If your posting is one that you believe is appropriate to more than one RootsWeb Mailing List, please send the posting to each List as separate e-mails.


An important part of our WILDER Research includes Associated Surnames -- whether In-Laws, Neighbors, etc. We encourage you to post the Ancestry of your Associated Surnames since those are often the only "Clue" as to which WILDER Line may be yours. Too many of our WILDER Ancestors resided in "Burnt Counties" for us to ignore their In-Laws and Neighbors. Sometimes the only documentation that we have is that one of our WILDER families migrated with Neighbors and/or In-Laws.


Copyright Information and Restrictions: The Research, Records, Photographs, Documents, and other information contained on the WILDER Connections Web Site has been provided for the free use of those engaged in non-commercial genealogical research by our WILDER Research Group. Any and all commercial use is strictly prohibited. Researchers are encouraged to copy and distribute this work freely, but with the provision that the information may only be copied and circulated in its entirety -- including this notice, as well as all sources, bibliographies, and credits. All are welcome to Hot Link to our sites without first seeking permission; however, permission is Not Granted to copy any of our WILDER files to other electronic locations - whether web pages or list postings.

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