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WILDER's Residing in Georgia

1800 1810 1820 1830 1840
1850 1860 1870 1880 1890
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WILDER's Residing in Georgia in 1850

Surname Given Name County Page Township Comments
WILDER Benjamin F. Monroe 81 60th Division
WILDER Charles Forsyth 156 31st District
WILDER David G. Jones 192 47th Division
WILDER Edward Jones 196 47th Division
WILDER Eldred Crawford 387 20th Division
WILDER Elizabeth Lowndes 397 53rd Division
WILDER Elizabeth Jasper 105 46th District
WILDER Etheldred Gwinnett 216 36th Division
WILDER Fanny Habersham 332 Clarkesville
WILDER Frances Jones 196 47th Division
WILDER Green Bibb 214 #482 District
WILDER H. Screven 28 74th District
WILDER Hopkins M. Lowndes 397 53rd Division
WILDER Isaac Chatham 294 #13 District
WILDER James Carroll 54 11th Division
WILDER James O. Heard 166 41st District
WILDER James S. Gwinnett 213 36th Division
WILDER Jamesa Pike 149 68th District
WILDER John Troup 109 800 District
WILDER Jonathan Forsyth 161 31st District
WILDER Jonathan Bibb 184 #481 District
WILDER Joseph Bibb 214 #482 District
WILDER Josephus Stewart 85 Lannahasse District
WILDER Larkin Stewart 44 Panhandle District
WILDER Lavina Coweta 305 #19 Division
WILDER Levi Madison 184 56th Subdivision
WILDER Luke Jones 199 47th Division
WILDER M. Effingham 353 26th Subdivision
WILDER M. Henry 226 42nd District
WILDER M. M. Crawford 395 20th Division
WILDER Mary C. Troup 105 800 District
WILDER Matilda Jones 196 47th Division
WILDER Nancy Screven 27 74th District
WILDER R. C. Bibb 184 #481 District
WILDER Rabun M. Warren 179 90 Subdivision
WILDER Reuben Ware 84 89 Subdivision
WILDER Robert Crawford 389 20th Division
WILDER William Crawford 426 20th Division
WILDER William Warren 179 90 Subdivision
WILDER William Lowndes 396 53rd Division
WILDER William Monroe 79 60th Division
WILDER William Screven 21 74th District
WILDER William Jones 191 47th Division
WILDER William H. Taliaferro 338 78th Division


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