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WILDER's Residing in Illinois

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WILDER's Residing in Illinois in 1850

Surname Given Name County Page Township Comments
WILDER Abigal Lake 34 Deerfield
WILDER Almon Will 168 Crete
WILDER Andrew Cook 85 Wheeling
WILDER Benjamin Cook 238 Chicago 4th Ward
WILDER C. D. Cook 453 Canal Boats
WILDER Cephas Cook 199 Chicago 2nd Ward
WILDER Chauncey Winnebago 383 Harlem
WILDER Clairssa Knox 330 10 N 2 E
WILDER Clark Kane 206 Aurora
WILDER David Will 66 Homer
WILDER David A. Stephenson 316 Wadam
WILDER Edward Peoria 221 Peoria
WILDER Electa Kane 189 Aurora
WILDER Elias Stephenson 371 Silver Creek
WILDER Elias D. Madison 412 6 N 9 W
WILDER Elizabeth Greene 29 Macoupin & Apple Creek
WILDER Federick A. Winnebago 424 Rockford
WILDER Franklin Kane 206 Aurora
WILDER Henderson Greene 26 Macoupin & Apple Creek
WILDER Henry Stephenson 262 Lancaster
WILDER Hiram DuPage 32 Naperville
WILDER J. O. Cook 47 Orland Twp
WILDER James Calhoun 314 Hambrug Precinct
WILDER James Madison 516 5 N 7 W
WILDER Jane DeKalb 319 Kingston Twp
WILDER John Adams 218 N Ward Quincy
WILDER Joseph Knox 423 11 N 4 E
WILDER Levi Knox 423 11 N 4 E
WILDER Loring Peoria 217 Peoria
WILDER Lovina Cook 134 Elk Grove
WILDER Luke Kane 187 Aurora
WILDER N. P. Cook 166 Chicago 1st Ward
WILDER Nathan Cook 16 Bloom Twp
WILDER Nathaniel Winnebago 424 Rockford
WILDER Oliver Winnebago 383 Harlem
WILDER Oner Rock Island 254 37th District
WILDER Page Winnebago 383 Harlem
WILDER Perry Ogle 101 Brooklin Twp
WILDER Ramson W. Stephenson 372 Silver Creek
WILDER Roswell Kane 189 Aurora
WILDER Rowland Madison 387 Upper Alton
WILDER Samuel Greene 29 Macoupin & Apple Creek
WILDER Samuel Kane 4 Elgin
WILDER Samuel Kane 50 Dundee
WILDER W. C. Kane 131 Geneva
WILDER Willaim H. Greene 29 Macoupin & Apple Creek
WILDER Willard Knox 423 11 N 4 E
WILDER William LaSalle 339 Salisbury


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