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WILDER's Residing in Indiana

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WILDER's Residing in Indiana in 1850

Surname Given Name County Page Township Comments
WILDER Alvin Adams 22 Root Twp
WILDER Calvin Jennings 416 Spencer Twp
WILDER Calvin S. Franklin 364 Springfield Twp
WILDER Charles Warrick 132 Ohio Twp
WILDER Elias Warrick 187 Hart Twp
WILDER Eliza Warrick 110 Boone Twp
WILDER Ethan Jennings 419 Spencer Twp
WILDER Fisher A. Floyd 472 Greenville Twp
WILDER Isaac A. Adams 1 Decatur
WILDER Lucas E. Jay 281 Wayne Twp
WILDER Michael Vermillion 18 Clinton Twp
WILDER Nancy Lawrence 393 Shawswick Twp
WILDER Nathaniel Warrick 115 Boone Twp
WILDER Reubin Lake 151 St. Johns Twp
WILDER Riley Lake 151 St. Johns Twp
WILDER Samuel Warrick 110 Boone Twp
WILDER Sarah Warrick 109 Boone Twp
WILDER Seth Rush 482 97th District
WILDER Sylvanus Warrick 114 Boone Twp
WILDER Tarson Jennings 419 Spencer Twp
WILDER William Warrick 109 Boone Twp
WILDER William Steuben 139 Mill Grove Twp


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