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WILDER's Residing in Maine

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WILDER's Residing in Maine in 1850

Surname Given Name County Page Township Comments
WILDER Abel Franklin 214 Temple
WILDER Agnes S. Washington 101 Dennyville
WILDER Albion K. Washington 68 Pembrooke
WILDER Bela Washington 77 Pembrooke
WILDER Benjamin Washington 69 Pembrooke
WILDER Benjamin Waldo 92 Monroe
WILDER Bola C. Washington 76 Pembrooke
WILDER Caroline A. Aroostook 118 No 11 R 5
WILDER Charles Aroostook 118 No 11 R 5
WILDER Deborah M. Washington 82 Pembrooke
WILDER E. Maddison Lincoln 136 Bath
WILDER Ebed Washington 77 Pembrooke
WILDER Eben A. Washington 102 Dennyville
WILDER Ebenezer C. Washington 98 Dennyville
WILDER Ebenezer C. Jr. Washington 102 Dennyville
WILDER Eli Franklin 208 Temple
WILDER Elijah Washington 100 Dennyville
WILDER Ella F. Waldo 100 Monroe
WILDER Elvin Washington 177 Lubec
WILDER Franch York 39 Biddeford
WILDER Franklin Kennebec 93 Waterville
WILDER Henry Kennebec 215 Hallowell
WILDER Horrace Penobscot 388 Dixmont
WILDER Isaac Washington 208 Cutler
WILDER Isaac Aroostook 162 Galmanbrook
WILDER Jaines Washington 54 E Machias
WILDER James M. Somerset 183 N Anson
WILDER John C. Washington 76 Pembrooke
WILDER John E. Cumberland 117 Falmouth
WILDER John M. York 30 Lebanon
WILDER John W. Waldo 120 Belfast
WILDER John York 11 Biddeford
WILDER Jonas Franklin 212 Temple
WILDER Joseph Washington 62 Pembrooke
WILDER Joseph H. Waldo 100 Monroe
WILDER Joseph Jr. Washington 76 Pembrooke
WILDER Jotham S. Washington 74 Pembrooke
WILDER Lewis Washington 77 Pembrooke
WILDER Mariner A. Washington 100 Dennyville
WILDER Martin Cumberland 117 Falmouth
WILDER Mary Washington 39 Whitneyville
WILDER Mary York 124 Kennebunk Port
WILDER Mary Penobscot 194 Kirkland
WILDER Mary A. Franklin 183 Farmington
WILDER Mary A. Franklin 210 Temple
WILDER Mary E. Penobscot 389 Dixmont
WILDER Mason H. Hancock 93 Castine
WILDER Moses Washington 69 Pembrooke
WILDER Nathaniel Waldo 90 Monroe
WILDER Norman Penobscot 127 Bangor
WILDER Phineas Lincoln 127 S Thomaston
WILDER Robert Somerset 119 Cambridge
WILDER Robert Aroostook 162 Galmanbrook
WILDER S. Piscataquis 331 Milo
WILDER Samuel O. Franklin 214 Temple
WILDER Sarah Aroostook 163 Galmanbrook
WILDER Silas Franklin 211 Temple
WILDER Sophia Washington 54 E Machias
WILDER Susan Washington 68 Pembrooke
WILDER Susan Cumberland 79 Portland 2nd Ward
WILDER Susan H. Waldo 141 Belfast
WILDER Theophilus Washington 55 E Machias
WILDER Theophilus Washington 102 Dennyville
WILDER Thomas York 51 Biddeford
WILDER Thomas D. Lincoln 129 Bath
WILDER Zenas Washington 98 Dennyville


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