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WILDER's Residing in Michigan

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WILDER's Residing in Michigan in 1850

Surname Given Name County Page Township Comments
WILDER A. A. Wayne 489 Detroit
WILDER Andrew Branch 605 Girard
WILDER Artemas Lenawee 394 Palmyra
WILDER Benjamin Lapeer 739 Metamora
WILDER Celinda J. Calhoun 426 Tekonsha
WILDER Charles Wayne 205 Detroit
WILDER Christopher Calhoun 411 Eckford
WILDER Daniel Wayne 672 Nankin Twp
WILDER Daniel G. Genesee 437 E Genesse
WILDER David A. Branch 746 Union Twp
WILDER Dolly Monroe 598 Whitford Twp
WILDER Ebenezer Allegan 119 Martin
WILDER Edwin Wayne 489 Detroit
WILDER Erastus Lenawee 270 Medina
WILDER Ezra Allegan 87 Otsego
WILDER G. Allegan 47 Allegan
WILDER Gabriel Wayne 207 Detroit
WILDER George Berrien 513 10th Division
WILDER George Ionia 313 Lyons
WILDER Harvey Ionia 315 North Plains
WILDER Henry R. Macomb 66 Macomb
WILDER Horace Kent 479 Wyoming
WILDER Isaac W. Calhoun 397 Eckford
WILDER Israel T. Calhoun 229 Athens
WILDER James Berrien 513 10th Division
WILDER Jerod P. Calhoun 427 Tekonsha
WILDER Joannah Berrien 513 10th Division
WILDER Joel Oakland 324 White Lake
WILDER John Kalamazoo 172 Schoolcraft
WILDER John Monroe 599 Whitford Twp
WILDER Joseph Ottawa 66 Muskegon
WILDER Joseph T. Wayne 695 Livonia Twp
WILDER Joseph Branch 554 Sherwood Twp
WILDER Joshua Cass 529 Mason Twp
WILDER Levi B. Lenawee 270 Medina
WILDER Levi T. Monroe 599 Whitford Twp
WILDER Luther Branch 604 Girard Twp
WILDER Mumford Lenawee 614 Adrian Twp
WILDER Nathaniel Calhoun 124 Battle Creek Village
WILDER Orra Eaton 186 Walton
WILDER R. M. Branch 670 Cold Water Twp
WILDER Samuel Calhoun 385 Clarendon Twp
WILDER Sara H. Wayne 696 Livonia Twp
WILDER Seth Calhoun 343 Pennfield
WILDER Sidney Jackson 614 Tompkins
WILDER Thomas Wayne 206 Detroit
WILDER Thomas Wayne 259 Detroit
WILDER Warren Kent 478 Wyoming
WILDER William Lapeer 721 Metamora
WILDER William Wayne 397 Detroit
WILDER William Branch 735 Union Twp
WILDER William Calhoun 398 Eckford


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