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WILDER's Residing in New Hampshire

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WILDER's Residing in New Hampshire in 1850

Surname Given Name County Page Township Comments
WILDER Abel Cheshire 229 Swanzey
WILDER Abel Cheshire 130 Keene
WILDER Abel Hillsborough 347 Peterborough
WILDER Abijah Cheshire 106 Keene
WILDER Abner Sullivan 91 Cornish
WILDER Addison N. R. Cheshire 283 Nelson
WILDER Allen M. Sullivan 63 Lempster
WILDER Alma Hillsborough 301 Nashua
WILDER Arvilla K. Hillsborough 194 Nashville
WILDER Augustus T. Cheshire 108 Keene
WILDER Azel Cheshire 114 Keene
WILDER Benjamin F. Hillsborough 340 Peterborough
WILDER Betsey Carroll 27 Conway
WILDER Betsy Coos 60 Lancaster
WILDER Caleb F. Hillsborough 352 Peterborough
WILDER Charles A. Cheshire 263 Rindge
WILDER Charles M. Cheshire 275 Dublin
WILDER Charles N. Cheshire 121 Keene
WILDER Christopher W. Carroll 37 Conway
WILDER Cyrus Hillsborough 173 New Boston
WILDER David M. Cheshire 22 Winchester
WILDER Drusilla Merrimack 79 Concord
WILDER Edmund C. Coos 37 St. Ewartstown
WILDER Edwin D. Hillsborough 30 Hillsborough
WILDER Elijah Cheshire 176 Fizwilliam
WILDER Eliza Grafton 147 Bethlehem
WILDER Emily S. Cheshire 106 Keene
WILDER Ezra Cheshire 282 Nelson
WILDER Frederick A. Cheshire 264 Rindge
WILDER George Hillsborough 255 Nashua
WILDER George Cheshire 24 Winchester
WILDER Gilman Coos 60 Lancaster
WILDER Harriet Hillsborough 385 Hancock
WILDER Henry Cheshire 40 Winchester
WILDER Ivory P. Hillsborough 344 Peterborough
WILDER James Sullivan 218 Acworth
WILDER James Hillsborough 25 Hillsborough
WILDER James Sullivan 147 Claremont
WILDER Jesse Cheshire 323 St. Oddard
WILDER John Cheshire 9 Westmoreland
WILDER John Hillsborough 342 Peterborough
WILDER John Cheshire 248 Jaffery
WILDER John B. Hillsborough 271 New Ipswich
WILDER Joseph Coos 57 Lancaster
WILDER Joseph Hillsborough 389 Hancock
WILDER Joseph A. Cheshire 366 Gilsum
WILDER Joshua Hillsborough 262 Nashua
WILDER Josiah Cheshire 252 Rindge
WILDER Josiah Cheshire 265 Rindge
WILDER Josiah P. Hillsborough 271 New Ipswich
WILDER Laura Coos 67 Lancaster
WILDER Levi Merrimack 27 Concord
WILDER Levi B. Cheshire 289 Nelson
WILDER Lydia Hillsborough 345 Peterborough
WILDER Maria E. Hillsborough 389 Hancock
WILDER Mark Hillsborough 340 Peterborough
WILDER Martha Cheshire 106 Keene
WILDER Mary L. Hillsborough 270 Nashua
WILDER Nancy Cheshire 42 Winchester
WILDER Nathan Coos 148 Dalton
WILDER Nathan H. Coos 147 Dalton
WILDER Oliver Cheshire 297 Sullivan
WILDER Oliver Jr. Cheshire 297 Sullivan
WILDER Orange Coos 68 Lancaster
WILDER Phebe M. Cheshire 299 Sullivan
WILDER S. Widow Cheshire 114 Keene
WILDER Samuel Cheshire 265 Rindge
WILDER Samuel S. Jr. Sullivan 193 Charlestown
WILDER Sarah A. Cheshire 366 Gilsum
WILDER Serena Cheshire 69 Hinsdale
WILDER Silas Cheshire 114 Keene
WILDER Susannah Grafton 148 Bethlehem
WILDER Sylvanus Sullivan 90 Cornish
WILDER Thomas Belknap 25 Meredith
WILDER William Grafton 123 Littleton
WILDER William Cheshire 69 Hinsdale
WILDER Willis Grafton 144 Bethlehem


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